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Data is worthless when it’s not being used. And using data is hard when there is no documentation, or when it is needlessly complicated. That’s why we try to document everything that can be done or found on Trafiklab. Everything you possibly want to know, you can find it here. Welcome to our documentation.

We are Trafiklab. We’re building a better world, by making public transport easier to use, for everyone. We’re doing this by offering open data for all public transport in Sweden, so developers can build anything they can imagine, and users get a choice in how they consume public transport data. Whether you want to look on a TV, search on your computer or smartphone, or talk to a smart speaker in order to know when your train leaves: we’re enabling it.

Our documentation is divided into two parts:

  • API documentation: a description of all APIs and their details
  • General documentation: describing how to best use Trafiklab, APIs and traffic data.

If you discover a bug or something you are missing, you can either reach us in our support forum ( or submit improvement suggestions through the GitHub link located at the bottom of most pages.

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