Trafiklabs APIs

At Trafiklab we’re offering a wide range of APIs and datasets. Each API and dataset provides data of a different kind or format. Choosing the right data for your project will help you to get the best results.

The following pages will give you an overview of all our data, describing what’s included, the format, how to get it, and some examples. Make sure you also check out The right data type for your project to help you choose the right data source. Using our data will help you to get started with our APIs and datasets.

API File format Scheduled data Real-time data Coverage What is it
GTFS Sverige 2 GTFS Entire Sweden Dataset with all public transport, static and historical
GTFS Regional GTFS(-RT) Some, see details See details Public transport datasets
NeTEx/SIRI Regional NeTEx & SIRI Some, see details see details Highly detailed public transport datasets
GTFS Sweden 3 (beta) GTFS Some, see details See details Public transport dataset of Sweden, as one static dataset and multiple realtime datasets
Stops data (beta) NeTEx 🚫 🚫 Entire Sweden and a few international stations All stops of Sweden with mappings to regional IDs
KoDa GTFS(-RT) Some, see GTFS Regional details Some, see GTFS Regional details High quality historical data
ResRobot Stolptidstabeller Json, XML Some, see details Entire Sweden Departure & Arrival board API
ResRobot Reseplanerare Json, XML Entire Sweden Travel planner API
SLs APIs Json, XML SL, Waxholmsbolaget API collection
Oxify Vehicle Positions Websocket Värmlandstrafik, Norrtåg, Tåg i Bergslagen, Blekingetrafiken, Kalmars länstrafik Realtime train position API
Trafikverkets API Json, XML Road and national rail Road and rail API

Other APIs

While we offer a wide range of APIs and datasets covering public transport, easily accessible through Trafiklab, you sometimes need something less focused on public transport, or data not available on Trafiklab.

The APIs in the “other” category cannot be accessed through Trafiklab, but might still be valuable additions for your project.